Why the $90 million Lake Ontario flood relief bill may be about to sink

A $90 million flood relief bill for residents, businesses and municipalities along Lake Ontario has hit a big snag.

The bill passed both the Senate and Assembly unanimously, but don’t expect it to be signed into law – at least, not in its current form.


The governor’s office tells CNYCentral the bill, as it is now, is “unworkable.” The new program intends to allocate $15 million for homeowners, $25 million for businesses, farms and nonprofits and $25 million for local municipalities; the problem, the governor’s office says, is the bill doesn’t say where that money should come from.

“There are technical issues with the bill,” a spokesperson for the governor told us Friday. Specifically, he said, the bill does not outline where the money it’s using should come from. Without that, there’s no way to actually to distribute grant money as the bill intends, according to the spokesperson.

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