State Police arrest two after discovery of “meth” lab in Lyons

It was a sure sign that something was amiss when State Police out of Lyons found a woman swimming topless, with very short shorts unbuttoned and yelling she was “burning up from inside”, in the Lyons Park fountain on Thursday (6/8) at 8:30 pm.

Shaila T. Gorske, age 25, of Lyons told police she was having a bad reaction to some methamphetamine she and her boyfriend, Eric S. Lalonde, age 32, of Newark, had been cooking up in her apartment. She also was ranting to police that her hair was falling out. She told police she had not picked up her two year-old son from day care at 5:30 pm. The boy’s father was notified and picked the child up at 10:30 pm.

Gorske was transported to Newark-Wayne Hospital for observation. She was released from the hospital and her brother then drove her down to Pennsylvania to her father’s residence. After it was learned she was wanted by police she returned to Lyons.

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