Short on customers, group calls for end of Seneca Lake LPG storage plan

After learning that Arlington Storage Company could not find customers for additional fracked gas storage at Seneca Lake, Gas Free Seneca, represented by environmental law firm Earthjustice, sent letters to the two agencies with jurisdiction over the facility, asking for official disapproval of Arlington’s proposed expansion.

The grassroots group, representing more than 400 local businesses and thousands of residents, asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to rescind a 2014 order approving the project.

Gas Free Seneca also asked the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for immediate denial [link to letter] of an application filed in 2010 for an Underground Storage Modification Permit.

Earlier this month, Arlington admitted:

“Despite its best efforts, Arlington has not been successful in securing long-term contractual commitments from customers that would support completion of the Gallery 2 Expansion Project… Accordingly, Arlington has discontinued efforts to complete the Gallery 2 Expansion Project.”

“Arlington’s admission confirms that there is no need for the Gallery 2 Expansion Project and no grounds for authorizing its construction,” said Earthjustice attorney Deborah Goldberg on behalf of Gas Free Seneca. “FERC therefore should rescind its 2014 order approving the project, and DEC should issue an immediate denial of the 2010 permit application.”

“The people of the region have fought for years to protect Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes community from unwanted industrialization,” said Yvonne Taylor, Vice President of Gas Free Seneca. “FERC and DEC must take formal action to ensure that the gas storage expansion project no longer poses a threat to our tranquil beauty, clean air, and fresh water.”

“We have won this battle, but the war is not over,” said Joseph Campbell, President of Gas Free Seneca. “A separate application to store liquid petroleum gas in nearby underground salt caverns is pending before DEC. If that application is not withdrawn, we will continue to fight.”

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