Seneca Falls says ‘thank you’ to community members who work on public areas

It takes a team effort to make some things come together.

In this case, it takes a garden club, which consists of volunteers from Seneca Falls.

The Seneca Falls Volunteer Gardeners Club received recognition from the Town of Seneca Falls for their efforts keeping public areas looking good.

The group works in coordination with the Town’s Parks and Rec Department in maintaining many public garden areas including the Cemetery, Van Cleef Lake Gazebo & Park, Cady Stanton Park, People’s Park, Water St. Hill, Three Ladies Statue on Bayard St. and Downtown Planter Barrels.

The group is comprised of the following local citizens: Susan Souhan, Kay Irland, Corky Jarrett, Marcia Von Bergen, Susan Sauvegeau, Emil Bove and Dan Babbitt.

They work with cooperation and coordination from Seneca Falls Commissioner of Parks & Recreation Jim Spina and his staff including Wyatt Nicholson, Aaron Passalacqua and Duane Swim.

The group is looking for new members. Those interested in lending a hand can contact Jim Spina at the Community Center.

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