Farmington grandmother working to clear her name after January incident

It was something that could have happened to almost any parent, or guardian.

On January 23rd Connie Leslie was babysitting her six-year-old grandson. She said in an interview that her grandson, Xaviour, would frequently play with other children in their yard, around the house, or as that day proved — would even visit a neighbors home.

She called police around 4 pm on January 23rd when she panicked because she hadn’t heard from Xaviour in roughly an hour. He had asked to go to the a neighbor-friends house, where the two were playing.

While she was on the phone with the dispatcher, her daughter showed up at the house with Xaviour seeming to resolve the entire issue.

Leslie described that moment as one of the happiest of her life.

Until the next day.

State Police showed up at her home the following day and arrested her for endangering the welfare of a child. According to Leslie, it was a punishment that didn’t fit the crime.

Since February, Leslie has been in-and-out of court. According to Troopers though, Leslie knowingly risked her grandson’s life.

On Monday she took a plea deal with a lesser charge.

She told 13WHAM on Tuesday, “Having to admit guilt to something I didn’t do, I didn’t do anything wrong,” Leslie said. “The law needs to change, the officers need to change, something needs to change. It’s just not right.”

Leslie’s supporters are saying that this is an area where changes need to be made. She is weighing appeal options at this time.

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