Best trout streams in the Finger Lakes

New York can justly lay claim to having some of the world’s best trout streams flowing within its borders, and at least a couple of those fishing holes are located in the Finger Lakes Region. Would you believe that the trout fishing around here is so good that the majority of anglers who frequent them no longer feel the need to exaggerate their catches?

Yet the fishing (and catching) in these parts is world-class by any standards, especially during the first month or two of New York’s annual trout season. That’s when rainbow trout as thick as fire hydrants fill certain Finger Lakes tributaries on the way to their spawning grounds, and wild brown and brook trout start sipping mayflies from stream surfaces.

Over the years, skilled anglers develop a sense of when the trout will bite, and where. Just for fun, they might even make lists of the better streams in the Finger Lakes region. My contribution, “The Finger Lakes Top Ten Trout Streams,” begins with a heavily fished creek that’s within a 15-minute drive from downtown Syracuse.

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