Newark to light up village and save on energy costs

The village of Newark will be lighting up all around the village as they switch their light fixtures over to LED.

Mayor Jonathan Taylor  said members of the village board attend the New York Conference of Mayors each fall. That’s where they first learned about LED fixtures for street lighting and the potential savings it could bring to the village and its taxpayers.

After considerable research on the topic, Taylor said they decided it was a good fit.

An estimated 65 percent in energy costs savings annually is expected with the changeover, Taylor said. That savings will pay for the cost to buy and replace every street light fixture in the village, as well as add some new ones. After 10 years, the new light fixtures will have paid for themselves.

Taylor said they will conduct a dark study and design street lighting to include street lights in areas where they are currently dark.

“With the help of the study, we will have consistent light throughout the village,” he said.

A request for proposals is being put together for installation of the fixtures. Taylor said the village will purchase the LED light fixtures from NYSEG. The bulbs for each fixture have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Currently the village owns 181 light fixtures and poles. When the project is complete, the village will own the more than 1,400 light fixtures throughout the village, although the poles they are affixed to will continue belong to NYSEG.

Taylor said there have been complaints in the past about street lights that have gone out and the long wait for them to be fixed or replaced. This project should help to alleviate that problem, he said.

Tammy Whitacre is a reporter for Fingerlakes1.com covering Wayne County and the surrounding areas. Email her at tammy@fingerlakes1.com.

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