WEEKEND FORECAST: Quiet Saturday, with big changes coming on Sunday

Photo of Canandaigua Lake by Nancy L. Wright.

As the East Coast and southeast U.S. get hammered by a system bringing heavy snow and wet weather to those areas – the Finger Lakes will remain largely dry and cold. The weather on Saturday will be docile, with even the bitter cold wind experienced over the last 48 hours subsiding to essentially zero.

It won’t mean a bright, sunny day but the sunglasses should be packed for any road trips taking place on Saturday. The snow that’s on the ground already will cause enough glare where the little bit of hazy sun making it through those high clouds will be a factor for motorists.

FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil says the weather will be changing during the overnight hours, heading into Sunday morning. Winds and clouds will continue to increase through the overnight hours heading into the morning hours. As the morning progresses, he says that the winds will continue to pick up.

A small disturbance is expected to pass through the area on Sunday, which could bring a brief shot of snowfall. Although, it will not be enough to warrant any measuring. That said, road conditions could vary dramatically throughout the late-morning and early-afternoon hours on Sunday. While the Finger Lakes won’t be seeing several inches of snow, even an inch or two of quick accumulation — combined with poor visibility on heavily trafficked roadways can cause problems.

Along with that passing system, which will be a reinforcing shot of cold air from Canada, will be winds. Montreuil notes that winds could easily gust between 35 and 45 mph during the afternoon, which will mean the potential for blowing snow.

As the new week starts — much of it looks like the region will be spent experiencing above average temperatures.

Read more on Montreuil’s FLX Weather forecast here, and be sure to check out the latest weather resources for the Finger Lakes below.

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