The Melissa Killeleagh Show: Meet Gwen Webber-McLeod of Gwen, Inc. in Auburn

Gwen Webber-McLeod, President/CEO of Gwen, Inc. joined Melissa Killeleagh on Tuesday’s edition of the Melissa Killeleagh show to discuss leadership, inspiration, and much more.

Webber-McLeod who is in the leadership development business was the executive director of the National Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls in the late-80s.

She talked about her trigger moment, which took place in 2006. Her desire to start and own a business geared around mentoring.

Webber-McLeod says that mentoring young people is a crucial piece of the puzzle. “You Can’t Fail,” which was originally a part of Weber-McLeod’s business and was spun out into its own entity last year.

“We specialize in supporting emerging women and minority leaders in their own unique journey to leadership,” she said. Weber-McLeod described those leaders as being surprise leaders.

“You can’t fail because your history says so,” she said. It was a message that became the tag line of the You Can’t Fail mission.

“I don’t think it was a coincidence that I was the third director of the Women’s Hall of Fame,” she explained to viewers.

The duo discussed the important renovations taking place at the future home of the Women’s Hall of Fame. It will be located in the former Seneca Knitting Mill.

Jim Sinicropi, president of FingerLakes1.com discussed the journey that Seneca Falls has taken, as well as the direction the community will be headed as a new strategy is developed to harness the birthplace of Women’s Rights movement.

“The fight isn’t over yet,” Sinicropi added. He spoke to the need of Seneca Falls being the modern-day birthplace of the Women’s Rights movement — even as many view it as a historical issue.

“There are women in other countries who have it worse than the founders of the Women’s Rights movement 200 years ago,” Sinicropi continued.

Weber-McLeod said that laying the foundation of leadership starts at birth. She said that they have made their mission ensuring that the growth happens intentionally.

Weber-McLeod and Killeleagh discussed fear and anxiety within the women and minority groups, when it comes to leadership. WM says that fear is a factor in leadership, but that it can be harnessed to achieve success.

“Every successful leader I know has failed their way to the top,” Weber-McLeod explained. Sinicropi discussed how running a business like FingerLakes1.com has given him perspective when it comes to the fear of failure.

“None of it seems that catastrophic after the fact when you’re cataloging those failures over the years,” Sinicropi added.

“If you live in the lane of perfectionism then you’re always going to feel like you’re failing,” Weber-McLeod pointed out.

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