Man accused of murder in Ithaca believes he killed President-elect Trump

Accused Ithaca killer believes he killed President-elect Donald Trump, prompting questions about his mental health on Monday. His next appearance in court will be on January 6th. Judge John Rowley, who will reside over the case is left in difficult position as Justin Barkley walks the courtroom through the moments leading up to the murder of a UPS driver he didn’t even know.

38-year-old Justin R. Barkley, who is accused of second-degree murder, laid out what he believes happened on December 8th in a court appearance on Monday. His psychological condition being called into question.

The Ithaca Voice reports that Barkley said in court on Monday, “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly.” He is accused of second-degree murder and said in that court appearance that he went to the Ithaca Walmart because he knew President-elect Donald Trump would be there. Not only that, but that he was purposeful in his actions. The Voice also reported that Barkley explained that his intent was to “purposely shoot and kill him.”

It’s an incredibly complicated case, which will only get more complicated now.

Barkley doesn’t believe that he can be convinced that he killed anyone other than President-elect Trump. This caused a short recess inside the court room, which brought into question his ability to plea one way or another.

Barkley’s attorney, James Baker, said that Barkley would not consider a not guilty plea by reason of mental disease or defect.

January 6th will be Barkley’s next appearance in court, which is expected to address the major concerns brought to light on Monday — including his ability to stand trial.

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Update – December 8th, 2:30 pm

Police have identified the victim in Thursday’s homicide, which happened in the Ithaca Walmart. The shooter, who has been charged with second-degree murder has also been identified.

William Schumacher, 52, of Candor was killed in the incident. Police say that the defendant, who has been charged with second-degree murder is 38-year-old Justin Barkley, of Dryden. The two did not know each other prior to the incident, which unfolded around 12:52 am.

Barkley was arraigned in Dryden Town Court on the second-degree murder charge in front of Judge Scott Miller. He pleaded not guilty. His attorney, Lance Salisbury was present at arraignment. He was remanded to the Tompkins County Jail without bail and will return to court on December 14th at 8:45 am.

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Update – December 8th, 12:55 pm

The victim of Thursday’s murder at the Walmart located on 135 Fairgrounds Memorial Parkway was a 52-year-old male from Candor. He was employed by UPS and additional information was not provided during a press conference in Ithaca.

According to Ithaca Police Chief John Barber, a robot was used to peacefully negotiate with the suspect, which ultimately resulted in police apprehending him around 9:43 am. “As a result of that dialogue, via that skilled negotiator, the suspect surrendered peacefully,” Barber said. He continued, “The community is in a safer place right now with this man off the street.”

Authorities say that the suspect, who has not been identified as of 12:54 pm ran over the victim in his vehicle before shooting him to death in the Walmart parking lot. The standoff began shortly after the incident, which Barber said took place a little before 1 am.

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Update – December 8th, 10 am

Jamie Williamson, of the Ithaca Police Department reports that the suspect — who had barricaded himself inside his home after a man was found dead at the Ithaca Walmart — had been captured. The Ithaca Police Department will be holding a press conference at 11 am to update the media and FingerLakes1.com will have the latest after that update.

TCAT Route 40 and 43 are back to normal following a law enforcement situation that closed NYS Route 366, between Turkey Hill Road and NYS Route 13, for several hours this morning.

Original – December 8th, 6:45 am

Ithaca Police Department Public Information Officer Jamie Williamson released a statement on the murder, and subsequent murder investigation, which was launched after authorities say they were called to the Ithaca Walmart around 12:52 am for the report of a shooting.

While the investigation has led police to a suspect, and what they believe is his residence – a standoff is happening at this time.

Police were called to 135 Fairgrounds Memorial Parkway regarding the report of a shooting outside in the parking lot. After arriving and finding one male victim deceased in the parking lot, a male suspect fled the area. While officers did not see the male suspect flee the area, they say that officers from Cayuga Heights Police Department, as well as the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Office observed a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s traveling northbound on Route 13.

Officers merged behind the vehicle and attempted to stop it on Route 13 near the intersection of Route 366. However, the vehicle refused to stop and continued for approximately a quarter-of-a-mile before pulling into a driveway. Williamson says the suspect exited the vehicle and fired a long gun at police. He then fled toward an area believed to be his residence.

Williamson says that a perimeter has been established and officers are proceeding methodically to secure the area and apprehend the suspect. Several tactical teams are on the scene and the impacted area has been cordoned off. The neighborhood is being evacuated, as well, to keep residents safe. Motorists are being urged to use other routes to avoid the area.

Department on the scene include: The Ithaca Police Department, Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department, New York State Police, Cayuga Heights Police Department, Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response, Syracuse Police Department and the Tompkins County District Attorney’s office.

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