Seneca Meadows employees, family members build 100 bikes for local kids in need

Employees of Seneca Meadows and their families are building 100 bikes for Seneca County children in need this Christmas. On three evenings this week Seneca Meadows employees and their families are gathering at the landfill to complete the bike build.

Since 2009 Seneca Meadows has been providing grant funding to Hoops Bike Giveaway, an organization which has provided over 800 children with bikes for Christmas. This year Seneca Meadows has collaborated with its parent company Waste Connections and its Christmas Promise program to provide 100 bikes for children in need. The Waste Connections Christmas Promise program started with the promise that every child should have a bike at Christmas, and that the Waste Connections family will build the bikes.

That is where the Seneca Meadows employees come in to gather the resources and build the bikes. And Seneca Meadows vendors have also chipped in with resources to continue the collaboration with the Seneca Meadows family. D.C. Rauscher, Ensol, Marcy Excavation, NCM, and others have committed significant resources to make the bike build possible.

Seneca Meadows District manager Kyle Black offers, “We have a great team here at SMI dedicated to go above and beyond in the community in which we all live, tirelessly working to make our community a better place to live, work and play. And a big thank you to all who have helped make this a success.”

“Our partnership with Seneca Meadows has strengthened tremendously over the past 8 years, and this year is no exception as the SMI employees will be building 100 bikes for the Hoops Bike Giveaway program,” offers Michael Scaglione, who coordinates the Hoops Bike program every year.

About Hoops Bike Giveaway

Hoops Bike Giveaway has been in operation since 2008 and over 800 children have received bikes through its fundraising efforts and community donations. Hoops Bike Giveaway program operates under the Seneca County House of Concern umbrella, and Hoops works with local agencies such as Seneca County Head Start, Seneca County DHS, the school districts and other agencies to match bikes to children.

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