Dryden Elementary learns to stop, drop and roll

Firefighters from the Dryden Township Fire Department recently discussed fire safety with Dryden Elementary students. In recognition of National Fire Prevention week, firefighters were on hand to provide tips and show off their equipment as students listened and asked questions.

The fire officials offered advice in case the students are ever involved with a fire, while stressing the importance of fire prevention. Students were encouraged to develop a plan with their family in the event of a fire, which included meeting at designated spot outside of a fire zone. They also learned about Stop, Drop and Roll,” and that smoke detectors should be changed every six months.
Assistant Fire Chief Tom Warner stated that the information he presents is from personal experience fighting fires. Having done assemblies like these for 15 years, he feels the department has a good understanding of what will be effective.

“The response has always been very positive,” Warner stated. “The more interactive we are with the students, the better they respond.”

The firefighters donned their personal protective equipment (PPE), or bunker gear, and tried to emphasize that the students have nothing to fear from firefighters when they have these outfits on during a blaze.

The students showed no fear when they hugged and high-fived the firefighters in their equipment. “Sparky” the fire dog came in to greet, high-five and hug the students as well.

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