Seneca Falls based 5StarMedical Corp. obtains exclusive rights to distribute TheraSCAR

After several months of discussions and legal review, 5StarMedical Corp is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the exclusive rights to distribute a world class product called TheraSCAR. This product was developed by world renowned surgeon Dr. Michael W. Gray, D.O. and is considered one of the highest quality scar therapy and hydration products on the market.

George D. Tilton, the President and CEO of 5StarMedical stated: “This is a very big deal for the company, and we are very grateful to have been awarded the opportunity to partner with Dr. Gray and market his TheraSCAR product. Not only have we added one of the highest quality Scar Therapy & Hydration products to our post-surgical portfolio, we have also partnered with one of the most successful and sought after surgeons in the world. Dr. Gray has been featured in numerous periodicals, talk shows and radio platforms and leads one of the most successful plastic surgical centers and high end medical spas in the United States, located in West Bloomfield, Michigan.”

Tilton stated: “Gaining the exclusive distribution rights to this product is a natural fit in our post-surgical portfolio. As we develop post-surgical products, Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR will be included in a range of kits that will be sold directly to patients who have had or are having various surgical procedures. We have been meeting with surgeons, physical therapists, dermatologists and general practitioners all over the country and they are extremely excited about working with us as their partner for one of the highest quality, most effective Scar Therapy products available. As Dr. Gray has stated, TheraSCAR is like a cosmetic surgeon in a bottle and what makes this product different than others is that it actually works. In my view, TheraSCAR is a world class product that can and will change the way people’s scars and other skin conditions are addressed. This product represents our portfolio and our brand well, and 5StarMedical Corp is proud to have such a high quality product added to our mix.”

Tilton also stated: “What is even more exciting for 5StarMedical Corp is that the TheraSCAR product has benefits that go way beyond treating new scars. Dr. Gray’s TheraSCAR is a dye free, fragrance free, skin healing and scar reducing product that works by increasing wound hydration. Hydration assists the body in healing optimally and stimulates healthy cellular in-growth via re-epithelialization which aids the repair of damaged skin. This opens the door for additional uses that Dr Gray is continually exploring.”

Dr. Michael W. Gray stated this about the exciting partnership with 5StarMedical and his amazing product TheraSCAR: “As my team considered partnering with a company to award exclusivity, it just made perfect sense to align with 5StarMedical Corp. Knowing the space that they target and the growth potential across their network, it was an easy decision. My vision for this product from the beginning was to develop the highest quality, most reliable product that could be used to assist in the healing process. As I continue to expand the benefits of TheraSCAR, I am extremely optimistic and excited to see how this new found partnership with 5StarMedical Corp progresses.”

For more information about TheraSCAR and/or to place an order visit www.5StarMedicalcorp.com


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