Seneca Falls Town Council Debate: Candidates meet to talk issues

Two candidates vying for Seneca Falls Town Council seats on November 8th met in the FingerLakes1.com studio in downtown Seneca Falls to discuss the issues.

The debate, which was initially going to include all four candidates – was modified slightly after Lou Ferarra Jr. and Thomas Ruzicka informed FingerLakes1.com that they would not be able to attend due to scheduling conflicts late-Monday.

While the decision spoiled any direct comparisons that voters could have potentially seen in the four candidates – both Mary Sarratori and Annette Lutz covered significant ground during the debate.

The questions, which were still posed in debate format – included topics such as economic development, public engagement, policy issues inside Seneca Falls and Seneca County – and much more.

Both made it clear that they are not one issue candidates, which was highlighted by their ability to address a variety of issues. Lutz pointed to her military experience as a major strength for her in taking on the job of Town Coucnil. While Sarratori pointed to her energy, youthfulness and forward-thinking.

The candidates expressed their intent to develop downtown, while ensuring that taxes are not increased for residents over the next several years. Lutz, who is running to fill the one-year vacancy left by Chad Sanderson’s earlier resignation – said that she hopes to win over the trust of the candidates for an opportunity to show residents what is possible when residents and the board are working together.

Sarratori, who is running to fill the vacancy created by James Ricci’s resignation earlier this year, pointed out that a diverse and creative approach would be necessary to guide Seneca Falls forward in the coming years.

Sarratori is taking on Ferarra for a three-year term. While Lutz is taking on Ruzicka for a one-year term.

The event was streamed live on FingerLakes1.TV and can be viewed on-demand below:


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