Lead detected in some Geneva CSD water fixtures

The Geneva Central School District said in a press release at the end of the week that lead had been detected in some fixtures at schools. While the results were not severe the release highlighted the problems as follows:

Although lead levels for Town of Geneva and City of Geneva water at the most recent test were shown to be within acceptable limits, results can be impacted by isolated factors specific to each water source. The district therefore contracted with Pace Analytical Services, an approved firm, to test samples from all 412 water sources in our buildings, including those not typically used for drinking, such as science labs and bathroom sinks. These tests were completed the weekend of Sept. 24. Results just received by the district showed levels under New York State (NYS)’s action level of 15 ppb (ug/l) for the vast majority of water sources. However, levels for some sources in our buildings were above the NYS action level, primarily from those not used for drinking. Remediation efforts will immediately be carried out to correct or remove these sources.

  • At Geneva High School, testing above acceptable limits were: 15 science lab sinks, two faculty men’s bathroom sinks, one drinking fountain, one physical education faculty bathroom sink, one tech lab sink, one family and consumer sciences laundry sink, and three family and consumer sciences kitchen sinks.
  • At Geneva Middle School, testing above acceptable limits were: 32 science lab sinks, one handheld pre-rinse sprayer for dishes, and one physical education faculty men’s bathroom sink.
  • At North Street School, testing above acceptable limits were: one adult bathroom sink.
  • At West Street School, testing above acceptable limits were: one adult bathroom sink, six classroom sinks, three classroom drinking fountains, one physical education adult bathroom sink, two nurse’s office sinks and one boys’ bathroom sink.

A complete list of results is attached (can be found here). Rest assured that all contaminated sources will be fixed or removed, regardless of whether they are drinking water sources. Drinking water sources that tested above the NYS action level have already been taken out of service. We are always focused on the health and safety of our students and staff, and we will continue to be vigilant with our testing for environmental concerns.

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