Town of Landing settles with TWC for damaged cable

The Lansing Town Board voted to settle a claim by Time Warner Cable (TWC) that its  Highway Department had damaged a cable along Woodsedge Drive last March.  TWC was claiming $8,242.34 in damage, but the Board voted to settle the claim for $2,500 if and when TWC’s agent signs a general release form.  Highway Superintendent Charlie Purcell said that the cable had been laid where it was not supposed to be, and such disputes are common and frustrating.

“This is something where one party says something and the other something else,” said Lansing Supervisor Ed LaVigne.  “Doing his due diligence, Cricket (Purcell) found the wire where it shouldn’t be, in my opinion,  Over an $8,000 claim was proposed.  We had (Town Attorney Guy Krogh) look into it.  We’ve agreed to settle for $2,500.  Sometimes these things aren’t where you think they are.  Sometimes they’re where you hope they’re not.  This is one of those times.”

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