Helming or Rayburn? Could it take two more weeks?

According to election officials, it will take roughly two weeks to make a determination on who the winner was in the 54th District.

Even after the votes are counted, though, there will be a lot of healing left to do for Republican voters in the district — who feel as though they won’t be adequately represented in November.

While many believed that the race would be competitive — few believed that the primary race that drew more than 12,000 to the polls — would come down to less than 200 votes.

When the votes that were cast on Tuesday were done being counted — unofficial results gave Canandaigua Supervisor Pam Helming a narrow lead.

That lead, though, Ontario County Businessman Floyd Rayburn believes can be made up. While it’s clear that this primary race for the ultra-competitive 54th District was a rarity for residents — something many haven’t seen in the last two decades — voters turned out to show how they felt.

For Rayburn’s campaign — it was verification that voters in the 54th District want an outsider. They want someone who will shake things up in Albany, and hold the rest of New York State accountable.

For Helming’s campaign — the unofficial results, which included her holding a narrow lead — revealed that voters still wanted someone they could trust. A factor that remains important for voters across the board.

Wayne County was the difference maker. While many have talked about Helming’s victories in Cayuga and Seneca counties — little has been said about how much the vote was split in Wayne County.

Lyons Supervisor Brian Manktelow — who was Helming’s closest competitor at the convention, which was held in the spring — surged into third place — thanks to an impressive showing in Wayne County.

That has left many saying that if it were not for Manktelow’s presence in the race, Rayburn could have captured enough of those votes to ensure a sizable lead heading into absentee counting.

Instead, Helming holds that lead, which party officials and political watchers across the board believe is too much for Rayburn to overcome.

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