NYS Senate candidate Floyd Rayburn talks campaign, taxes, business growth, and much more

Ontario County businessman Floyd Rayburn believes that it’s time to create some substantial change for residents and businesses in the 54th District.

On Thursday’s edition of the Inside the FLX podcast Rayburn discussed his campaign at length, while talking about the various problems that businesses encounter as they try to do business in New York State.

“It’s killing businesses and business growth,” he explained before the cameras started rolling. Rayburn highlighted the major issues he sees as problematic for New Yorkers. Ethics reform, growing businesses, and ensuring that New York is competitive with the rest of the U.S. will require a representative that is driven.

He talked fondly of his family, his business, and background, which Rayburn believes makes him the most-qualified candidate in the race.

Rayburn also believes that changes need to be made to the process by which candidates go about running for office. “If they want to run and they can fund themselves, give the voters the opportunity to hear them”

While the campaign is in it’s final hours before Tuesday’s Republican Primary, Rayburn says that he will spend his time going door-to-door, making phone calls, and continuing to spread his message.

He believes that whether it’s education, business development, ethics reform, or any other issue — that “Albany needs to get out of the way.” Rayburn said that while he has high hopes for turnout this Tuesday — he wants to see what’s best for the region — whether it’s the tourism, wine, agriculture — or any other industry that exists and operates in the Finger Lakes.

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