Seneca County will purchase former BonaDent facility

Repurposed for a new vision.That was the word that came down from the County Manager’s office in Seneca County Tuesday. The Board of Supervisors directed County Manager John Sheppard to negotiate a purchase price and transition schedule for the former BonaDent building in Seneca Falls.The location directly to the west of the Walmart Supercenter will be the new home of the Seneca County Health Department. The vacant building, owned by Bruce Henry Properties, LLC was selected due to it’s vacancy — as well as it’s proximity to the Seneca County Office Building located at 1 DiPronio Drive, in Waterloo.The current plan is for the Seneca County Health Building to be vacated and sold. The 16,000 square-foot facility requires significant work to remain functional, according to Sheppard. His office sought a commercial appraiser, who indicated that the market value of the facility is $550,000 to $650,000.However, more than $1 million of work was going to be necessary to maintain operation of the facility.The former BonaDent facility, which housed manufacturing and other portions of the BonaDent operation will be used by Seneca County to provide municipal services. The municipal services that will move to this location will be determined via a “Facilities Use Plan,” which will be conducted at a later date.Sheppard also indicated that around 24,000 square-feet of the facility will be leased out to offset utility and maintenance expenses. Ideally, the County hopes to rejuvenate the former day care operation that once ran from the facility, which will be sponsored by the del Lago Resort & Casino — available for use by the entire community.Seneca County will pay $3.2 million for the facility, which will be considered a “move in” price. The revenue to accommodate the purchase will be $2.5 million from the Casino Gaming Application, as well as $700,000 from New York State property tax reparations revenue. Sheppard’s office points out that the purchase of the property will not increase the county’s property tax levy and will help ensure uninterrupted municipal services into the coming years.FingerLakes1.com will have more on this purchase as additional details become available.

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