Inside the FLX: Candidate Brian Manktelow talks 54th

Lyons Supervisor Brian Manktelow believes the person who takes over a seat held by Senator Michael Nozzolio since the early-90s has to do so with integrity and ethics. On Thursday’s edition of Inside the FLX, the New York State Senate candidate sat down with Josh Durso to talk about his roots in farming, the issues that concern him the most, and how he believes he can best serve the communities as a whole in the region. One could easily argue that Manktelow is the most-approachable candidate in the field of Republicans, but he realizes a tough road awaits him if he wants to become the nominee on the ballot this fall.Manktelow talked about his service in Lyons, as supervisor, as well as his time serving on the Wayne County Board of Supervisors. He believes both have shaped him into a well-rounded candidate that can provide for the 54th like no other. Speaking about the importance of looking at the long-term implications of various decisions, like the multiple environmental issues impacting those throughout the Finger Lakes, which will require action in the coming years from state representatives. “We have trash coming in by rail,” Manktelow explained – speaking about his personal experience with the landfill debate in the region. Wayne County has their own landfill, which doesn’t receive nearly as much airtime as those more notorious landfills in Ontario and Seneca Counties. Changes need to happen, but decisions need to be evaluated in the long-term – rather than just the short-term.Manktelow spoke to the importance of leveling unfunded mandates, which make budgeting in small communities and counties even more challenging. He also expressed immense concerns about the corruption in Albany, which has a direct and largely negative impact on the process of governing. He believes in term limits for all members of government. In order for government to be more effective, Manktelow believes that those serving need to think less about ensuring their re-election, and focus more on doing the right thing for their constituents. Speaking to why he believed that running in the primary was necessary, Manktelow said that the long evening that was the nominating convention was challenging for many of the participating individuals. He believes that by moving through the primary process, he will give voters the opportunity to have their voices be heard.Check New York State Senate Candidate Brian Manktelow’s entire interview in the video player above, and be sure to check out next week’s edition as Geneva City Supervisor Charles Evangelista joins Josh Durso in-studio to discuss his candidacy.

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