Over 300 attended Seneca County DARE Fun Day

The third annual Seneca County D.A.R.E.—(Drug Abuse Resistance Education), Fun Day was held at Vince’s Park in the Town of Seneca Falls on Wednesday. Over three hundred fifth grade students from Romulus, South Seneca, Waterloo, and Seneca Falls school districts attended this event. The Fun Day was organized and made possible by Seneca County Sheriff’s and Seneca Falls Police D.A.R.E. Officers. It was a reward to the students for successfully completing the program and focused on positive activities. Students spent the day with their D.A.R.E. Officers and enjoyed swimming, kick ball, wiffle ball, dancing and a popcorn party. Deputy Sheriffs from the Sheriff’s Office and Seneca Falls Police Officers stopped in to congratulate the D.A.R.E. graduates and interact with them in an informal setting. Seneca County Sheriff’s Sergeant John Fowler and his K-9 “Izak” mad e a special visit to spend time with the students. Sheriff Tim Luce and Seneca Falls Police Chief Stu Peenstra both attended the event. The Sheriff commended the officers involved and stated that it was a great Community Policing activity. He thanked all the Community members who donated time, services and money to support the event. Police unions from the Sheriff’s Office, Seneca Falls Police, and Waterloo Police Departments denoted money to fund the event. Ken Paradise denoted his services as a D.J. and provided music and a dance contest. The Seneca Falls Office of Parks and Recreation donated the use of Vince’s Park.

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