An open letter of opposition to Seneca Falls Local Law #7

As one of the owners of a 50 person manufacturing business (Tarjac Inc.) located in the local community (Waterloo school taxes and Seneca Falls town/county taxes), I am writing to express our concern with proposed Local Law #7.I believe that Local Law #7 is anti-business in general and sets a very dangerous precedent of targeting specific businesses that are operating within already approved federal, state and local requirements. The potential stance that our local law makers are being asked to take, is not only anti-business but in the end it is also anti-worker. We fight competitors from across the nation as well as Asia. The ability to stay competitive has become increasingly challenging in NY in light of higher employee taxes (workman’s comp and unemployment insurance), tougher environmental requirements and a customer base that is moving further away causing transportation to be a larger impact on their buying decision. The thought of higher taxes in this community is untenable for our business and it is not necessary. Seneca Meadows is not petitioning for a reduction of taxes. They are simply wanting to run their business and be an active and supportive member of the community in which it operates. The loss of a productive part of our business ecosystem will result in higher taxes, which will cause our business to make some tough decisions – scale back, move a portion of some or all of our business or simply close down. This is the reality we will face if Local Law #7 is passed.We operate directly across the street from Seneca Meadows and we have had challenges with their operation from time to time over the years and this year the odor has been challenging. The management has not backed down from this fact, but rather they have stepped up and taken ownership of the issue and are working to resolve it. This is how they have handled every issue we have brought to their attention and every issue has been resolved in an acceptable time frame. They are a good neighbor and business operator. I would ask that each elected official consider this potential legislation carefully and act in the best interest of the entire community. I would hope that you come to the same conclusion that I have come to, which is work with each member of the community to address concerns so that we can work to grow and improve our community. The landfill and its employees, contractors and benefactors are key components of this community and they should be embraced rather than run off or the unintended consequences could be catastrophic.Thank you for your consideration and your time.Regards,Tony EisenhutCo-owner Tarjac Inc.2241 NYS Rt. 414Waterloo, NY 13165

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