Family launches website, petition for Molly the dog

For the Jensen family this past winter will be a difficult one to forget.They won’t remember it for the warmer-than-average temperatures, or the lack of snow. Instead, they will remember it as the winter that they lost their dog Molly Rose. For anyone to imagine the trauma of watching a Conibear 220 trap slowly kill an animal you’ve watched grow up inside your home — simply put — has no comparison.It’s not like watching your pet grow old, or lose a battle against an illness like cancer. And for pet owners, losing one shares many similarities with losing a human family member. The emotions afterward, the challenge in resuming daily activity, and most-obviously — the empty feeling around the house.Laurena Jensen took her 8-year-old yellow lab for a walk along the Seneca Army Depot fence in Romulus. It’s a place where dozens take regular walks. It’s peaceful, quiet, and the kind of place humans even enjoy — as they attempt to unplug.Tranquility was tipped upside down when Molly Rose became entrapped in the jaws of the Conibear 220. The pictures were gruesome, the news coverage was plentiful, and the pain that the family has since felt — is very real.The next court date for the two responsible for Molly Rose’s death is set for May 27th at 10:00 am in Willard. Those individuals, Jim Brown and Clint Mooseman face 12 counts of illegal trapping.The Jensen family, as well as a caseworker from PETA have been working tirelessly to get justice for Molly Rose. Melissa Lewis, the caseworker who was assigned to this particular case when PETA learned about it — told us that a provision within the animal cruelty laws — known as the “Agriculture and Markets Law” would allow for misdemeanor charges against the men responsible for Molly Rose’s gruesome death.However, the Jensen family continues to fight — knowing that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, nor any local authority — even considered pursuing any greater charge. In their first court appearance, the two men entered a plea of not guilty — and the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case described the violation the two men face — as one equal to fishing without a license.The Jensen family started a website, developed to raise awareness for their lost dog Molly Rose. On the website a petition is linked, which already has more than 500 signatures since being created. Appropriately titled “Help bring justice for Molly,” the goal of the petition is to show those in power that crimes against animals should be taken as seriously as any other.While multiple investigations are ongoing, details are still relatively limited. FingerLakes1.com will have more on this as the next court date approaches.

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