FERC grants extension to Crestwood

Crestwood received a 2-year extension on Monday from the FERC to expand methane storage on the shores of Seneca Lake.That extension would allow Crestwood Midstream, along with Arlington Natural Gas the ability to increase storage from 1.5 billion cubic feet to 2.0 billion cubic feet. Meanwhile the future of the LPG project remains an unknown. To those involved, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is considering the approval of a permit, which would allow Crestwood to store LPG in vacated salt caverns below Seneca Lake.Gas Free Seneca, the founding organization and lead petitioner in the legal battle against these projects, expressed outrage at the FERC’s decision. Joseph Campbell, Gas Free Seneca President said in a statement, “FERC literally ignored the reports of not one, but two esteemed PhD geologists in rubber stamping this expansion.” He went on to point out that, “FERC also shrugged off the fact that, when Arlington was asked if they had knowledge of any cavern collapse in any of the salt caverns in the brinefield, Arlington’s answer was that they had no knowledge of collapse in any of the caverns ‘slated for gas storage’.”Citing several disasters nationally in the gas storage space – Campbell concluded that, “It doesn’t take a PhD geologist to speculate that the same scenario could play out here”, said Campbell. “A disaster of that magnitude would irreparably damage the brand of the Finger Lakes and the sustainable, vibrant and rapidly growing agri-tourism economy that the region depends on and that generations of local residents have been striving toward.”Yvonne Taylor, Vice President of Gas Free Seneca said in the same statement that, “FERC is reinforcing its reputation as a rogue agency that rubber stamps anything gas related.” Taylor concluded, “Why would they reject our two Senators, Schumer and Gillibrand’s requests to, at the very least, open this back up for public comment due to the widespread opposition to the project? Obviously, the state doesn’t want this. Enough is enough. We will not permit Crestwood or any other corporation to turn Wine Country into Gas Country”FingerLakes1.com will have more on this as information becomes available.

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