Over a dozen speakers address Seneca Falls Town Board on Tuesday night (video)

When residents speak — the Seneca Falls Town Board listens. That was the resounding message driven home by repeated speakers, mostly familiar faces to Seneca Falls Town Board meetings in recent months. While many speakers applauded the efforts taken by the Town Board thus far — many pointed to the continued efforts, which would be required by the board to continue making headway in stopping Seneca Meadows from expanding further.This was the first regularly scheduled meeting, which was held after Sen. Michael Nozzolio sent a letter addressed to Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro. The letter outlined the authority the Town of Seneca Falls has in governing the landfill, through the host agreement, regulation, and other checks-and-balances.Former Seneca Falls Mayor Brad Jones was one of those speakers, who plainly concluded by pointing out that it comes down to “clean water, clean air — and nothing more.” Jones had earlier pointed out that while he felt the Town Board had done a good job pushing back against Seneca Meadows and Finger Lakes Railway — it was time for Seneca Falls “to go on offense.” He was not alone in that sentiment. Speakers at every meeting have asked for code enforcement, as well as the Town Board’s legal representation to do more in terms of fighting the landfill and potential expansion. August Sinicropi spoke to a comprehensive plan, which would be part of the package meant to address the economic concerns some have with opposition. While economic specifics were not talked about — Sinicropi discussed what he felt were two laws that would serve the community well, and prevent Seneca Falls from going through this again in the future. He suggested two new ordinances, which would prevent new landfills, as well as prevent the expansion of current landfills. Under these ordinances, any landfills currently operating would be restricted to the confines of their current contracts. When those contracts expire, the entities associated with them would be forced to end landfilling operations. Deb Najarro spoke on behalf of Finger Lakes Railway, addressing the “mis-truths” she says have flooded and controlled the narrative. At one point during her time addressing the board and audience, the room became so contentious that Supervisor Lazzaro had to momentarily pause Najarro to regain control of the room.Other highlights from the Seneca Falls Town Board Meeting included:— Bill Martin of Montezuma Winery requested that there be an extension of the Seneca Falls Water District to accommodate them, as well as three other businesses in that corridor.— A local law was passed increasing the salary of the Seneca Falls Highway Superintendent by $7,000 to accommodate the additional responsibilities he has taken on, and will be taking on in the coming months.— Supervisor Lazzaro announced that the board would be meeting for regular, and public, committee meetings. Committees currently meet behind closed doors, without any set date for meeting.— An update was given on the new municipal building being built on Ovid Street, where it was noted that the town remained under budget at this time. It was also noted that completion of the new building was around six months away.

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