Lazzaro responds to speakers at SF meeting

Seneca Falls Town Supervisor Greg Lazzaro said it best at Tuesday’s board meeting — where more than 150 were in attendance to voice their concerns about Seneca Meadows and Finger Lakes Railway:“One person is a philosophy — 20 of them is a movement.”After residents spoke out against the Seneca Meadows landfill and the Finger Lakes Railway expansion — the Supervisor of Seneca Falls left his own very clear message with the rest of the board — and those in attendance that night. “We’re getting a not-so-subtle message that people want to see the direction of Seneca Falls change,” he said to the crowded room.”I believe we must listen to them very clearly and take action. Some of the action they asked us to take tonight is in the legal realm. I promise each and every one of you that we will discuss this,” Lazzaro continued. He later concluded that this was something that had to be taken seriously because of the number of individuals who had spoken out against Seneca Meadows, but more importantly due to the intensity at which people had been coming out and voicing concerns about the landfill operation in Seneca County.”Closure at the 2023 date. That was what we were led to believe years ago, and that’s what people want and expect. We have to work toward that end,” he told FingerLakes1.com. According to Lazzaro the next step will be putting together a forum, where concerned residents — or even landfill supporters — can ask questions to experts. In the coming week he said that the board would be reaching out to both the Department of Environmental Conservation — as well as the National Transportation Safety Board — who he hopes will attend any forums held by Seneca Falls.Residents voiced concerns about not hearing back from the NYSDEC during this process — citing numerous calls that were placed and never returned.”We can change laws. We can take a new direction,” Lazzaro added before the massive crowd, which had assembled for the meeting. This Friday Lazzaro told FingerLakes1.com that the Town of Seneca Falls would be releasing a press release, which could pertain or give insight as to what action the Town of Seneca Falls will be taking in the coming months. A stern message has been delivered by opponents of Seneca Meadows and now the board has joined them in delivering an equally strong message of support to those who have been fighting future development at the Seneca Meadows site.Check out all of the action from Tuesday’s Seneca Falls Town Board meeting here. Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com for more on this story and much more.

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