Stinker Zone app in development to fight landfill odor

Michael Warren Thomas, radio host and enthusiast of the Finger Lakes has been wanted to learn more about the smell permeating from the Seneca Meadows landfill. He thought, “there must be data out there — or more specifically a map that reveals where the odors are most-predominant.” To his surprise, there was a surprisingly limited about of data. That led to Thomas’ brainstorm. “What if we had an app that could crowdsource the data,” he thought to himself. It was in this moment that the “Stinker Zone” app was born.At Tuesday’s Seneca Falls Town Board meeting lifelong residents, concerned citizens, residents from outside the area — like Thomas — and even children spoke out against Seneca Meadows. After he spoke, Thomas handed out press releases to those in attendance.It press release began:“We are developing a data gathering system that will increase the accountability of facilities that produce noxious odors. We will crowdsource the odor maps that are currently missing in the debate over landfill permits and expansion, and eventually add monitoring equipment to assist in the measuring levels of gases like methane.”As he announced the plan, he did so to a thunderous reception from those in attendance. The name alone — was enough to make a significant percentage of the room erupt. The press release continued:“In the very near future, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched for the development of the “Stinker Zone” mapping app. This new mapping feature will also allow travelers to route themselves around areas like landfills, meat processing plants, and other facilities that produce noxious fumes. The Seneca Meadows landfill will be the test case for the new app/website.”Questions about how this app would work were answered in part of the release, and through a conversation with Thomas himself.“The Stinker Zone app will use a combination of weather data and user input to project the extent of the zone each day. Participants will help provide daily data on the intensity of the noxious odors throughout the region surrounding the landfill. These data points will help travelers avoid the worst areas, and generate historical reference points for determining the size of the odor plume emanating from the Seneca Meadows landfill over the course of the year.”Thomas and others believe that this is not only something that can have a positive impact on the communities, but an app that will gain a lot of interest from those living in and traveling to the Finger Lakes as a whole. Especially if Seneca Meadows is able to exist beyond the current 2023 deadline, where the current host agreement expires. Michael Warren Thomas will be making an appearance on FingerLakes1.com’s Inside the FLX in the coming weeks — and we will have more information on this app as details become available.

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