CNY Sheriff warns of door-to-door sales scam

Steuben County Sheriff David Cole are warning residents about a scam that is targeting those living within the county. The sheriff’s office also warns that the scam could create a dangerous situation for residents and involves a door-to-door salesmen attempting to enter homes late in the evening.The initial incident was reported via the Sheriff’s Office Anonymous Tipline on Thursday and indicated that in the Town of Corning at about 8:30 pm multiple individuals were posing as salesmen, and were attempting to enter homes to “clean and inspect household rugs.”The individual was said to be carrying no cleaning supplies, had no vehicle in sight, and offered no identification. The Sheriff’s office warns that this type of behavior from anyone after dark is highly uncommon and very suspicious. They urge anyone who has a similar experience to call the Sheriff’s Office at (607) 622-3911 or make an anonymous report through their website at www.steubencounty.org/sheriff. Incidents like this have been reported all the way from Monroe County, down to the Pennsylvania border and should be taken very seriously. Residents are urged to treat situations like these with significant caution. Granting access to your home and family is a significant risk to your property and safety.The Sheriff’s Office also reports that residents in neighboring counties — such as Schuyler and Yates — should pay close attention to this report and keep an eye out as well.Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com as more information on this matter becomes available.

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