City of Geneva launches ‘GenevaWorks’

The City of Geneva cares about the residents that live here, and are constantly seeking ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness when addressing concerns that arise. Therefore, as of January 6, the City is proud to announce the launch of a new online program, GenevaWorks, which will allow residents to submit concerns through a private form. “GenevaWorks is a prime example of City Council’s commitment to prompt, responsive customer service, and to a high level of pride in our public facilities. It shows that we’re committed to addressing resident concerns–24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said City Manager Matt Horn. The process is simple. Residents are asked to go to the City of Geneva website, where they will find links to the GenevaWorks page, (the direct link is http://visitgenevany.com/current-residents/geneva-works) and answer two questions: the nature of the concern and the location. Residents also now have the option of being notified when the matter has been resolved. The information that is submitted will be filtered through the City Manager’s office, to ensure that it is forwarded to the appropriate department to handle the concern. This program is intended to replace and enhance the previous “SeeClickFix” module, previously used by the City. The City of Geneva cares about the privacy of those who submit information. Many residents have expressed concerns relating to the other online resolution forum, and the City believes that GenevaWorks will not only improve efficiency and effectiveness, it will protect the concerns of individuals who are submitting a matter to be addressed.

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