Westfall wins Seneca Co. in ‘monumental’ vote

In a turn of events that took a majority of Seneca County by surprise, Gary Westfall of Waterloo became the Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman – beating out Robert Hayssen. To get a sense for just how unexpected the results were, it was considered a forgone conclusion that the chairmanship would likely go to Hayssen, of Varick, once it was noted that Greg Lazzaro had stepped out of the race.As goes with politics though, things are rarely ever certain – and as the board members made clear tonight – results should never be taken for granted. Greg Lazzaro told FingerLakes1.com in an exclusive statement that he felt “it was time for a change,” and the time for “new leadership” was now. Donald Trout, Paul Kronenwetter, Greg Lazzaro, Stephen Churchill, and Cindy Lorenzetti – all voted for Westfall – which with the addition of his own vote was enough to secure the chairmanship Tuesday night. Those present who were not listed above voted for Hayssen.Many believe that this is a clear indication of the direction that the Seneca County Board of Supervisors will be headed in the coming months, as newly elected energy is injected at the county level. The surprise though, of the result is something that surely will not dissipate in the near-future. It was widely speculated that after Lazzaro took his hat out of the race that it would result in Hayssen easily winning the chairmanship. However, in this case the results were very different than what many expected to see in Seneca County.If the results of the vote did not speak for themselves, Cindy Lorenzetti of Fayette described the results as being a “monumental” leap toward positive change. Moreover, she said that the decision to elect Westfall was one that came out of a desire for the “2016 board to be led by the better person.” She continued, “The people that elect us are tired of the same old politics.” Lorenzetti told FingerLakes1.com that “The most important lesson learned is that there are good people elected that will stand up and do the right thing even – if it goes against the party line or goes against the ‘seasoned’ politicians who once ruled.”The impression left by the Seneca County Board of Supervisors after Tuesday’s vote is that the time for change is now and 2016 could be a significantly different year than other years have proven to be in the county.Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com for the latest news and updates on this and much more.

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