Major announcement made by Gas Free Seneca group in fight against Crestwood

The fight against Crestwood Midstream and the proposed gas storage facility under Seneca Lake has reached a new plateau. Gas Free Seneca announced a partnership with the Waterkeeper Alliance — forming what will be known as the “Seneca Lake Guardian,” affiliate program of the alliance. Vice President of Gas Free Seneca announced the new affiliation on the Capitol Pressroom radio show at 11:30 am on Tuesday. Their application to be made a part of the Waterkeeper Alliance was approved in late-December.The goal of Seneca Lake Guardian will be to protect the waterways and communities situated around Seneca Lake, working to ensure that not only the environment is fairly represented — but also the residents in surrounding communities. The Waterkeeper Alliance was formed in 1999 by key advocacy groups, as well as Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and is a global movement with operations in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. In all, more than 270 organizations have been given Waterkeeper Alliance status, which is an incredibly complex and difficult accreditation to receive. In a statement to FingerLakes1.com, Gas Free Seneca said of their new status:“As Waterkeeper Affiliates, we will Patrol and Protect Seneca Lake and its watershed, and expand our horizons by protecting and preserving Seneca Lake by combining our firsthand knowledge of the waterway with an unwavering commitment to the rights of the community. We will be an advocate for the Seneca Lake Watershed and its tributaries, protecting and restoring water quality through community action and enforcement.”Gas Free Seneca’s statement continued, pointing out that:“Seneca Lake Guardian’s aim is to provide strong advocacy that will result in an improved quality of life for all citizens whether they rely on the lake for drinking water or recreation, or whether they simply value the lake’s continued well-being.”However, the long-term health of Seneca Lake, and the surrounding communities is something that has received a lot of media time in the last year. Last summer, another somewhat severe blue green algae outbreak caused authorities to take precautions and issue warnings to pet owners about what could become of their pets if they were to consume water along the shone that had been infected by this algae.There are many other imposing factors on Seneca Lake’s health long-term. Gas Free Seneca addressed this issue in their statement to FingerLakes1.com as well:“We recognize that the gas storage facility is not the only threat to Seneca Lake and its environs, and this collaboration will now allow us to fully address those threats and bring the resources of the Waterkeeper Alliance into the fray. Becoming a Waterkeeper Affiliate is the perfect evolution for us as we move forward in our efforts to Save Seneca Lake.”Both regional and national organizations have taken up the fight against Crestwood Midstream for their proposed gas storage facility on Seneca Lake.This Thursday at 4 pm, Gas Free Seneca President Joseph Campbell and Vice President Yvonne Taylor will join Josh Durso in-studio on Inside the FLX on FingerLakes1.TV to discuss their new status, the fight against Crestwood, Seneca Lake, fracking, and much more.

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