Super Sunday snowstorm to tackle FLX

Everything is in place for the second widespread heavy snow event for the Finger Lakes this season. Confidence is high in the forecast across the board. The only changes that we made to the snow map were across the northern regions, where snow totals were increased as confidence has grown in the northern edge of the heavy snow reaching past the south shore of Lake Ontario.Here are the important points to remember about this storm:Light snow will begin this afternoon and continue into the evening.Snow will start to increase in intensity between 10pm-1am.The heavy snow, with rates of 1-2″ per hour, will fall after midnight and into Monday morning.Temperatures will drop during the day on Monday and winds will increase, causing low wind chills and areas of blowing and drifting snow.Travel will remain difficult even after it stop snowing as colder temperatures render road salt less effective.By Tuesday morning, temperatures will be below zero with wind chills possibly as low as -20º.For the latest local forecast and live radar images visit the FingerLakes1.com FingerLakes1.com Local Weather Center.

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