Local Democrats critical of Congressman Reed

On Friday, September 6th at 10:00 a.m. as Congressman Tom Reed prepares to return to Washington, D.C. after his month-long paid vacation, a coalition of concerned constituents, local leaders, and community advocates will hold a press conference calling on Congressman Reed to stop his dysfunctional politics, change his broken priorities, and start focusing on serving his constituents and fixing problems in Congress.Congressman Reed has ignored his constituents, put himself first, and continually voted for measures that hurt the middle class families and seniors he represents. He is also the owner of a law firm that specializes in collecting medical debt and has gone after thousands of his neighbors and constituents in court. Since joining Congress, Reed’s firm has continued to represent health care providers in their attempts to collect medical debt. During his month-long vacation, Congressman Reed admitted that even though he’s in the business of going after his neighbors for their late bills, he failed to pay his own taxes on time on at least 38 occasions. He also admitted that he made at least one late personal property tax payment using campaign funds.WHEN: 10:00 a.m., Friday, September 6, 2013.WHERE: Outside Congressman Reed’s Corning office, 89 W. Market St. in Corning, NY.WHO: Concerned constituents, local leaders, and community advocates.WHAT: Press conference to call on Congressman Tom Reed to change his priorities and don’t lose sight of the big picture when he returns to Washington.WHY: Congressman Reed has ignored his constituents, put himself first, and continually voted for measures that hurt middle class families and seniors. BACKGROUND:Reed Voted for the FY 2014 Radical House Republican Budget with Wrong Priorities. In 2013, Reed voted for the House Republican budget for fiscal year 2014 with all the wrong priorities – like cutting taxes for millionaires, raising taxes on the middle class, and eliminating the Medicare guarantee. [H Con Res 25, Vote #88, 3/21/13]· National Journal: “For Those Younger Than Age 55, Medicare Could Look Unrecognizable” If the House Republican Budget Were Implemented. According to the National Journal: “And, for those younger than age 55, Medicare could look unrecognizable: People receive a fixed sum of money from the federal government to buy health insurance in their old age, regardless of the way inflation has caused health care costs to increase.” [National Journal, 3/10/13]· Republican Budget Slashes Pell Grant Eligibility and Freezes Pell Grant Funding to Not Keep Pace With Inflation. According to an analysis of the Ryan budget conducted by Inside Higher Ed: “The budget also calls for reversing changes to the grant’s needs analysis formula put into place in 2007, which expanded the number of students eligible for Pell Grants, in essence making fewer students eligible to receive them. It also revisits proposals put forward last year: using ‘fair value’ accounting for student loans, which makes the program seem much less profitable for the federal government than it does under current accounting rules.” In addition, Campus Progress found: “Under the House Republican Budget, Pell Grants would be capped at the current level of $5,645 for 10 years, and eliminate all mandatory funding. In other words, under Ryan’s plan, Pell Grants would not keep up with the pace of inflation and rising tuition costs, and would be worth less each successive year.” [Inside Higher Ed, 3/13/13; Campus Progress, 3/12/13]· Republican Budget Cuts Per Capita Investments in Education and Training By 47 Percent. “The Ryan budget cuts per capita investment in education and training by 47 percent, cutting from the 2010 level of $433 per person to a mere $238 per person by 2023. This proposal would cut investments from K-12 education nationally, including education for children with disabilities and investments in educational innovation.” [Center for American Progress, 3/13/13]Since 2005, Reed was Late Paying Property Taxes 38 Times, Including 18 Times Since Joining Congress. “Rep. Tom Reed, a Republican who represents the Southern Tier and serves on the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee, was late paying his property taxes 38 times between 2005 and this year – including at least 18 times since he joined Congress in late 2010. Tax records from Steuben and Chemung counties, where Reed owns or has owned several properties in addition to his family home, show that Reed has paid $3,486.51 in interest and penalties because he has repeatedly been late on his property taxes by a month or two.” [Buffalo News, 8/18/13]Reed “Illegally Used Campaign Money Last Year to Pay Property Taxes to Steuben County.” “Republican Rep. Tom Reed of Corning illegally used campaign money last year to pay property taxes to Steuben County. The payment, made in April 2012, was for $4,247.83. Reed corrected the error a month later by repaying the amount to his campaign using personal funds.” [Gannett News Service, 8/29/13]Reed’s Law Firm “Collects Medical Debts.” An October 2010 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle article reported that “Reed is the owner of […] a law firm that represents municipalities, collects medical debts and defends drunken drivers.” [Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 10/9/10]· Since Joining Congress, Reed’s Firm Has Continued To Collect Debt From Local Residents. Since becoming a Member of Congress, Reed’s law firm has continued to represent health care providers in cases against citizens in local courts such as Corning City Court and Ithaca City Court. [New York State Unified Court System, accessed 8/12/13]· Reed’s Law Firm Filed Thousands of Civil Cases On Behalf Of Health Care Providers. As of August 2013, Reed’s law firm has filed thousands of civil lawsuits on behalf of health care providers in local courts such as Corning City Court and Ithaca City Court. [New York State Unified Court System, accessed 8/12/13]

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