Agreement for Seneca Depot Wildlife Tours reached

Pursuant to working out the legal parameters to purchase4500 acres of the former Seneca Army Depot’s designated Conservation/GreenEnergy Area from the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency forconstruction of an ethanol plant, Empire Green Biofuels, Inc. (Empire) hasentered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Seneca White Deer, Inc.(SWD) to conduct public wildlife tours on the premises.Tours will be coordinated between SWD and Empire with most tours runningweekdays and holidays. It is too early in the process to discuss tourdetails, according to SWD and Empire officials but it is anticipated thattours could start after construction of the Ethanol Facility is nearlycomplete sometime in 2008 or 2009.The white deer group held successful tours of the depot in October 2006.People from across the United States took the hour and a half bus tour tocatch a glimpse of the white deer that make-up one of the largest herds ofwhite, white-tailed deer. Other sightings included brown deer, wildturkeys, and various species of birds and wildlife found in abundance at thedepot.”It is important to develop this project as one of the “greenest” ethanolplants in the country while also maintaining the ecosystem and wildlifehabitat within the depot,” said Ejnar Knudsen, Executive Vice President ofCilion, Goshen CA. Cilion is the parent corporation of Empire GreenBiofuels, Inc.Knudsen added that Empire has been in negotiations with the Seneca CountyIDA to develop a viable plan to maintain the wildlife habitat and to conductresearch on various types of grasses and trees that can serve as feedstockfor the ethanol plant.SWD Board Chairman Dennis Money commented that when Empire builds itsproposed visitors center, SWD will be a coalition partner and will assist inproviding educational and wildlife programs. The coalition agreement isconditioned upon Empire’s successful receipt of all necessary permits toundertake construction in 2008 or 2009 of the ethanol plant, biomass steamproduction and biomass plantings, which will include willow trees, switchgrass and other organic cellulose materials.”We are pleased to be selected to partner with Empire Biofuels oneco-touring within the depot,” said Money. “Opening up this unique habitatto the public we feel will create a renewed interest in wildlife and greenarea conservation, plus the added bonus of viewing one of America’streasures: the Seneca white deer herd; one of the largest of its kind in theworld.”For more information on SWD – www.senecawhitedeer.orgFor more information on Empire – www.empiregreenbiofuels.com

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