Immigration Reform Rally in Ithaca on Monday

Please join us Monday, May 1, from 11:30 to 1:30 on the Commons in Ithaca (main pavilion) as we rally in support of immigration reform and in opposition to legislative proposals that seek to criminalize millions of hard-working immigrants and the people that assist them.The issue of the rights and well-being of immigrant workers in our country has become a central topic of public conversation and political debate recently. It is an issue that our Living Wage movement has been involved with since 2003 when we assisted immigrant workers facing abusive and illegal conditions at Collegetown Pizza. Out of that experience we formed the Immigrant Rights Center which has continued to be an active presence supporting immigrants in our community.We advocate for the rights of these workers because, while doing the many jobs that benefit us all, too often they are placed in low-wage, unsafe and abusive conditions. When we allow unscrupulous employers to benefit from the precarious situation of these workers by paying low wages and allowing unsafe conditions the well-being of all workers is diminished. On the other hand, when we help organize and mobilize with immigrant workers into a force to be reckoned with, all workers and all members of the community seeking decent wages, health care for all and better lives for their families will benefit.


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