Seneca Falls Schools On “Life Support”

The Seneca Falls School District is -quote- “on life support and time is running out” and “the day of reckoning is near.” That’s the opinion of Seneca Falls Board of Education President James P. Clark. In a guest opinion piece in the Sunday Finger Lakes Times, Clark says the district has for the past three year kept the tax increase to 7 or 8 percent. This year the school board will have to cut 15 positions to get to a 9-percent INCREASE in the tax rate. Clark pointed the finger at the village for not allowing Kinney Drugs to build in the Historic District; to voters for rejecting last years merger with Waterloo; and most recently to three town board members for opposing what he called “the biggest development the community has seen in the past 50 years” the corn-to-enthanol plant. Clark says the enthanol plant was going to pay taxes which would have amounted to $1.4-MILLION dollars a year for the school district. The plant’s developer-Empire Biofuels is now looking outside of Seneca Falls and is expected to make a site decision this week. Clark is urging village residents to contact town officials and show their support for the enthanol plant. The big problem for the Seneca Falls School district is the fact that the Waterloo School district includes all the businesses between the two villages and collects tax revenue from the businesses right up to the Seneca Falls Machine plant on the village’s western boundary line, even though all those businesses are located in the town of Seneca Falls.


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