FL Carp Derby & World Championship Catch Big Ones

It was a slow day carp fishing Sunday. Just over 400 carp were weighed in during the 25th Finger Lakes Carp Derby, that’s about half the number usually reeled-in. The numbers were just fine for Scott Shumway of Seneca Falls. His largest carp weighing 34.2 pounds took the top prize. The Grumpy Old Men’s Club of Seneca Falls organizes the carp derby and proceeds benefit local charities. In Northern New York 118-two person teams Saturday wrapped up their week- long World Carp Fishing Championship. The teams fished the St. Lawrence River. Two anglers from England won the championship in the catch-and-release tournament. They caught over 15-HUNDRED pounds of carp. Just a half-hour before the week-long fishing tournament ended, the largest carp was caught. It weighed 43.7 pounds. It was the first time the World Carp fishing Tournament was held in the United States.


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