Spring Streak 2005 Today in Geneva

Spring is here and you know what that means… warmer weather, the return of baseball. and streaking!! What was once just a fad popular on college campuses in seventies is coming to the Finger Lakes..Spring Streak 2005 is planned for this afternoon in Geneva. The event is being planned by two twin sisters and graduates from Cornell.Tiffany and Tabitha Kennedy who planned a similar event last summer in Ithaca that attracted nearly 300 streakers and the attention of both CNN and Fox News.After being told by the city not to repeat the stunt,the sisters decided to move the event to Geneva. Most of the three dozen runners who have signed up were recruited from the temporary website “Spring Streak 05 .com.Several of those commited to the event say they are streaking to protest everything from animal rights to out of control tuition costs. Spring Streak 2005 is scheduled to begin at 5:00 today from an undisclosed location known only to the particpants and the local media. Listen to the WALL 99.3 for a live broadcast from Spring Streak 2005.


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