Should Election Day be a holiday? New York may move in that direction

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Office

Will Election Day in New York become a state holiday?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo included the idea Monday in a lengthy list of agenda items for 2019, saying that a state holiday should be part of a series of election reforms New York considers.

“Let’s make a real statement about the importance of voting and make Election Day a state holiday,” Cuomo said in his speech in Manhattan.

The measure was part of a series of changes Cuomo laid out in preparation for the start of the legislative session in January, when Democrats will control the executive chamber and Legislature for the first time since 2010.

On the election-reform front, Cuomo also discussed a number of other changes, such as automatic voter registration, voting by mail, early voting and synchronizing state and federal primaries.

New York has long been criticized for having arcane voting laws compared to other states.

For example, the primaries for congressional races are held in June, while state primaries are held in September.

Making Election Day a national holiday has gained traction in recent months among liberal Democrats.

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