How to keep drafty cold air out of your home during the winter


You can’t see it — but many places you look in your home during this time of year, cold air is coming in making your energy costs spike.

But there are a few things you can do to keep those costs down.

Home experts said there are weak points in many homes where cold air can seep in through what they call the “thermal boundary.”

In many homes, construction crews don’t seal the seams where walls meet the ceiling— which is perfect for hot air to leave and cold air to move in.

That makes the furnace work harder to keep the room warm — raising energy costs.

But the good news — there are few things you can do keep that frigid air out.

“Weather stripping around your doors and installing new door sweeps,” said Zerodraft consultant Joe Revere. “After a certain amount of time, your entry doors, they get warn out because they’re open and closing non stop, so check your weather stripping.”

Also check along with your door and windows.

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