INSIDE THE FLX: Mitch Rowe discusses the current, future state of Seneca County (podcast)

There aren’t any hardline philosophies, and there has been a noticeable reduction in contention between the County Manager’s Office, and the Board of Supervisors since Acting County Manager Mitch Rowe took the helm in September.

After the unexpected resignation of former County Manager John Sheppard — Rowe was tapped as an interim solution to the board’s short-term problem: Finding someone to run the County on a daily basis.


Rowe brings years of municipal experience back to Seneca County, which he said was a place he envisioned retiring from when Director of Planning, and eventually the County Manager earlier in the decade.

While Rowe took an opportunity elsewhere — he never stopped caring about Seneca County. “There was always some regret, I think, about leaving — and it’s a big reason why I thought this was the right time to come back,” explained Rowe, who said that his time with the City of Rochester — leading zoning and planning — was a learning experience.

Rowe has already set several short- and mid-range goals for the County, which he believes will start to be hit in the coming months. While he isn’t the permanent county manager — Rowe believes the County can be in a better place — to find long-term stability when he exits.

It’s not clear yet when that ‘acting’ title will no longer be necessary — but it’s clear from his disposition that he’s enjoying being back in the community he held so closely.

Listen to his entire conversation with FingerLakes1.com News Director Josh Durso on Episode #150 of Inside the FLX.

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