Hunting prohibited in the city of Ithaca

Chief Tyler would like to remind our residents and visitors that the Ithaca City Code prohibits any person from hunting within the city of Ithaca. This includes but is not limited to deer hunting and duck hunting. Ithaca City Code also prohibits the discharge of any firearm inside of the city of Ithaca including but not limited to the southern tip of Cayuga Lake that falls within the geographical boundaries of the City of Ithaca. A map is attached to this Public Service Announcement to help articulate those boundaries.

Ithaca City Code also prohibits the possession of any firearm in Stewart Park. Violators of any of the aforementioned sections of the Ithaca City Code can be punished by a fine of up to $250 or 15 days in jail. The Ithaca City Code that pertains to hunting and trapping, discharge of a firearm, and penalties for offenses can be found at: https://ecode360.com/8390733


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