8 secret tips to live a longer life

It is a fact that the systems of the human body and brain become less functional as part of the aging process. The body becomes less flexible and more susceptible to disease and injury. The brain functions at a slower pace and seems to remember less with each passing day. The digestive, circulatory, and excretory systems become less efficient. Given all these negatives, it is amazing to note that the average lifespan has increased to 80 years of age. In fact, many researchers have reported that you can add at least 10 years to that number just by making some changes to your diet and lifestyle. Their findings are the results of observing many cultures in which members live to advanced ages. So, here are their 8 secrets to living a long life.

Eat a Healthy Diet
One of the key factors common in all the research is the suggestion that you eat a little less at each meal. You should make it a goal to leave the table a little hungry until your body adjusts to a lower daily calorie count. What you eat is just as important. The Mediterranean diet is one that has been found to prolong life. Less red meat combined with an increase in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, and fish reduce obesity and the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Eliminate Pollutants
The human body has an elaborate immune system designed to fight anything that it recognizes as dangerous. However, continuous exposure wears down these systems allowing harmful elements to attack the body. Bad air, processed foods, excessive alcohol, and tobacco are just some examples of things you need to avoid.

Consider Hormone Therapy
The loss of human growth hormone is inevitable and leads to a lack of energy, weight gain, and the inability to build muscle. Replenishing HGH through a hormone therapy program has proven to retard the aging process and restore the body’s strength and vitality. However, it is important to be sure that the body’s total hormonal systems are in balance so you should consult with your healthcare professional before taking HGH. Also, only the prescribed hgh is the real thing and much of what you will find on the internet is ineffective.

Develop a Positive Outlook
Part of the secret to living longer is to have the WILL to do so. You need a reason to wake each morning or you could easily become depressed and decide that a longer life is not a goal. A strong spiritual faith and a willingness to focus on love rather than hate will help support you through the bad times.

Reduce Stress
There will always be stressful situations in your life but you can control your reaction to these events in order to reduce your stress level. Make time for yourself each day and even try to build in a power nap and get a good night’s sleep to help the body heal and prepare for the next day.

Stay Socially Active
Plan to spend time with family members and friends. As your circle gets smaller, expand your social ties by joining clubs or volunteering. Also, be sure to continue with hobbies that you can do with others.

Stay Physically Active
Experts agree that your body needs to stay in motion. A low impact exercise program including biking or swimming is perfect but routine household chores are also of great benefit. Be sure to keep your body doing what it has always done.

Keep Your Brain Active
Your brain needs to be exercised daily as well. Games, puzzles, memory and trivia quizzes are all ways to keep your mind stimulated and fresh. Read, take a course, learn a new skill like how to use a digital camera or a computer.

All the current research makes it seem as if the 8 secrets to live long life are a guarantee but you know that it is never quite that simple. But with some determination and a few adjustments you can certainly improve your odds.

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