No alert in Geneva after snow storm? Because they’ll only go out when residents can’t park on street

Some folks were surprised when they saw this post on the city of Geneva’s Facebook page Thursday evening, ahead of a winter storm that was predicted to bring heavy snow, which it did:

“You can park on the street tonight. We will only send out alerts when you are not able to park on the street overnight. Thank you so much and please stay safe, Geneva!”

That brought some criticism from some of those who posted on the city’s Facebook page.

Mary Townley wrote, “Really! How stupid is that with a snow storm coming! Wow ‘City of Geneva, NY’ you are TELLING people to park on the streets! THIS HAS TO BE A MISTAKE!”

Lori Krone added: “Only 5-12 inches of snow due and it’s ok to park on the street?!”

As many residents know, the city has new winter parking regulations that allow people to park on the street when there are no snowstorms coming. An alert system — text, emails and Facebook posts — informs people when they need to get their cars off the road at night.

The parking regulations were first initiated as a pilot program in January and were approved for this winter by City Council at its November meeting. The gist is the city thought it was kind of lousy to ticket people parking overnight when there was no snow.

However, the winter parking rules have not kicked in yet, meaning the alert system has not begun either, said City Manager Sage Gerling.

“The winter parking restrictions and our pilot program runs Dec. 1 to April 1,” she said. “We had hoped that people who were able to move their cars off the street last night would have done so with the storm warning.”

Some did, but a quick look around the city found dozens of cars buried in heavy, wet snow from what fell and from the plows.

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