How Buddy Boeheim carried out his lifelong goal of playing for Syracuse

At three years old, Buddy Boeheim pulled game tapes out of a drawer in his parents’ bedroom.

Buddy remembered which games Syracuse won and which it lost. The tapes with the most wear and tear were some of the biggest wins SU had in Buddy’s lifetime.

“If it was one I really liked, like the (2003) national championship game, that whole run I watched those games seven, eight times,” Buddy said. “All day. And just relived the games because that was my life growing up.”

Buddy, the son of Hall of Famer and Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim, has been an SU fan as long as he can remember. The team he admired for 18 years trained him all the while. Players he viewed as heroes turned into mentors and his father morphed into a coach. Years around the program directed Buddy to SU, but invaluable instruction has prepared him for a freshman season on Jim Boeheim Court.

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