RACE FOR SENECA JUDGE: Candidates receive endorsements ahead of Election Day

Two of the candidates vying to be the next Seneca County Court Judge updated voters on endorsements received in the days leading up to Election Day. Both David Ettman, Esq. and District Attorney Barry Porsch received important, local endorsements.

Among those entities endorsing candidates was the United Steelworkers of America union, Local Union 3298, former Undersheriff Peter Lawatch, and retired Seneca Falls Village Justice Gordon Tetor.

See the endorsements for both candidates below.

District Attorney Barry Porsch

The United Steelworkers of America and Local Union 3298, at Goulds Pumps in Seneca Falls — both have endorsed Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porsch for election as Seneca County Judge. The union touts approximately 325 members who are employees at the Fall Street manufacturing site.

Prior to entering college in his 30s, Porsch was a nine-year member of the United Steelworkers of America. Porsch said he was honored to receive the endorsement and support of the hardworking Steelworkers from his hometown.

The Seneca Falls Police Benevolent Association has also endorsed Porsch in his campaign for Seneca County Judge. Officer Christopher Denny, President of the Seneca Falls PBA, announced the endorsement. Porsch responded that he is proud to receive the support of his hometown police officers.

David Ettman, Esq.

“It is with great honor to announce that former Seneca County Undersheriff Peter Lawatch and former Seneca Falls Village Justice Gordon Tetor have offered their endorsements to my campaign for Seneca County Judge,” Ettman said in a statement to the press on Thursday.

Retired Seneca Falls Village Justice Gordon Tetor, offered the following statement:

“I know the candidates in this race for Seneca County Judge. Mr. Porsch worked for me as a substitute village justice while in law school, and both Ms. Cathy and Mr. Ettman appeared before me. Without reservation, I support David Ettman. His combination of knowledge and personality make him the only candidate truly qualified to be County Judge for all the people of Seneca County. I have known him as an advocate in my court, as well as other courts in the county. He has represented his clients with sincerity and integrity. His dedication to the law and fairness are what we should look for in the County Judge.”

In a letter to the editor in the Finger Lakes Times earlier this year, Lawatch, a Marine and Law Enforcement Veteran, spoke to Seneca County’s voters with the following:

“During my 35 years in law enforcement, as a NY State Trooper and Seneca County’s Undersheriff, I have met several county court judges. They have been outgoing, intelligent, humorous at times, and compassionate to the people that come in front of them when they need to be… Experience in criminal court, family court, and civil matters are other duties of a county court judge. This takes a special person to be able to switch from one level of justice to another. People first.”

Stay tuned this week for a preview of the race, with full video of interviews conducted earlier in the cycle where the candidates made their case for local voters.

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