Republicans warn about possible ‘AlbanyCare’ as push for single-payer grows

Republicans in the state Senate on Tuesday warned voters a Democratic majority in the chamber could lead to “AlbanyCare” single-payer health care, a focus on boosting school aid to New York City and tuition aid to undocumented immigrants.

All this, in turn, would lead to tax increases by a state government controlled by Democrats.

“Senate Republicans are the last bastion of hope for our taxpayers who cannot afford disastrous Democrat policies like AlbanyCare,” said Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan.

“Just one Democrat policy alone, government run health care, would bankrupt families on Long Island. Our Republican Majority will never allow this disastrous Senate Democrat tax bill to become reality. We will continue to be the voice that protects taxpayers by controlling spending and lowering taxes.”

And the state Senate itself is the last bastion of power statewide for Republicans in New York, who have been shut out of winning any statewide election since 2002.

With a week to go until Election Day, Republicans hold a narrow one-seat majority in the state Senate with the aid of Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder, a registered Democrat who conferences with the GOP.

Democrats argued the attack was little more than stoking voters’ fears before Election Day.

“This attack is nothing but GOP fear-mongering and scare tactics and is not based in reality,” said Mike Murphy, a spokesman for the Senate Democrats. “It is simple a Democratic Majority will not raise taxes. The truth is the Republicans are the only party that has raised taxes by eliminating the SALT deduction.”

The federal 2017 tax law did not eliminate the deduction of state and local taxes, known as SALT, but capped them at $10,000. Republicans in the state Senate backed legislation this year that was designed to soften the blow of the cap. Flanagan, the Senate majority leader, also said he opposed capping the deductions.

Democrats this year are pursuing seats in central New York, the Hudson Valley and in the traditional Republican stronghold that is suburban Long Island.

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