Digging deeper into the arrest of Timothy Dean as double homicide investigation moves forward

Media is learning more about the ex-girlfriend of the man killed in Sodus last week, and her current husband, who are facing child abuse charges.

25-year-old Charlene Childers and 32-year-old Timothy Dean are facing charges stemming from an incident that happened in May in Texas.

Childers has two children with 28 –year-old Joshua Niles. He and his girlfriend, 24-year-old Amber Aashburn were shot and killed last Monday outside their home.

There still are no arrests in the killings.

The arrest of Childers and Dean – both held with no bail and $1 million bail respectively – on child abuse charges come as investigators continue the homicide investigation.

CNYCentral reports that Dean is the former police chief in a city called Sunray – a tiny community with fewer than two-thousand people in Texas.

“The Sunray Police Department itself has gone through at least three chiefs of police since 2013,” said Michael Wright, a publisher with the Moore County News

Wright has covered the police beat and reported on the area for more than a decade. He says Sunray is a small, quaint city.

“A blue collar, hard-working community, a lot of really close-knit people, you know people who just care about each other in the community and the county as a whole.”

Details of Dean’s arrest are still sparse. He was arrested by Texas Rangers, accused of injuring a child.

It’s unclear what his relationship was with the child or the extent of their injuries.

Dean served as police chief from October 2016 until his arrest in May.

His wife, Charlene Childers was also arrested Monday in Lyons, accused of harming a child in Texas.

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Ex-girlfriend arrested as double homicide investigation continues in Sodus


In a strange twist, a former Texas police chief; and the ex-girlfriend of last week’s Sodus murder victim have both been jailed.

Charlene Childers told News10NBC in Rochester that justice needed to be served. On Monday, the 25-year-old and former girlfriend of victim Joshua Niles – was arrested on an unrelated charge from the state of Texas.

Timothy Dean, 32, who is a former police chief in Sunray, Texas, is being held on $1 million bond in Texas. Both Childers and Dean are facing one count of injury to a child from a May 2018 incident.

News10NBC reports that Childers and Niles were locked in a heated custody dispute before his murder. Both Niles, and 24-year-old Amber Washburn were gunned down in their driveway. The couple’s 4-year-old son was in the backseat of the vehicle at the scene; and the two children involved in that custody dispute were at school in Sodus at the time of the violent incident.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office would not confirm if Childers or Dean are suspects in last week’s double murder.

“Our investigation regarding the Monday, October 22nd double homicide in the Village of Sodus has and will continue. I have no other comments at this time as I do not want to compromise our ongoing investigative efforts,” he explained.

Childers is scheduled to return to court on November 27th. She’s being held on no bail.

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