INSIDE THE FLX: Rep. Tom Reed talks economy, jobs, and tackling education (podcast)

Hours after receiving President Donald Trump’s endorsement in his race against Democratic Challenger Tracy Mitrano, Republican Congressman Tom Reed called it ‘humbling’.

“The president’s endorsement, I think, tells us that what he’s doing with the economy, on the trade agenda, is something that I hope as all Americans we can celebrate,” explained Rep. Reed during an appearance on Inside the FLX.


“Obviously anytime you can get the endorsement of the President of the United States – it’s very humbling.”

The Republican has held the 23rd district seat since winning a special election in 2010 following the resignation of Rep. Eric Massa.

While a lot has changed in politics over the last eight years – Reed believes progress is being made; and that things are improving.

That said, he doesn’t believe the district has reached any sort of completion on that front.

“We have to keep working hard for the district,” he added when asked about the biggest issues voters are letting him know about ahead of the Nov. 6 election.

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“I think the silent majority of Americans want us to be proud Republicans, proud Democrats – but at the end of the day be able to find common ground,” he continued. “It’s about dialogue and finding common ground.”

“I try to show up,” he continued, admitting that he does see the conviction and opposition to some of his party’s initiatives. He talked about rallies held throughout the district, including those in Geneva led by some of his most-vocal opponents. “We show up to these things, and we try to have a conversation.”

Both Reed and his opponent have made jobs, healthcare, and education hallmarks of their campaigns. However, the two differ on how best to approach and address the issues.

“We can’t afford an extreme single-payer option like the one that my opponent has suggested,” added the Congressman, who said it would cost over $30 trillion to execute. “The Affordable Care Act isn’t working and Democrats have admitted that,” he continued, noting that a compromise solution – allowing the market to regulate would be a start.

Rep. Reed also noted that he wanted to see more vocational options in schools; and for colleges and universities to begin ‘shaking up’ higher education by finding ways to cut costs to ease the student debt crisis seen across the U.S.

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