Man sentenced for injuring Auburn police officer

A former Auburn man was sentenced to prison Thursday for seriously injuring an Auburn police officer while resisting arrest last year.

In December, the Auburn Police Department responded to a call for a domestic incident at a city apartment involving Justin Gervais, 23, who’s address is now listed as 2497 Route 34B, Aurora. That call was uneventful, but police were soon called back when Gervais began harassing neighbors because he thought they had called the police.

In Cayuga County Court Thursday, District Attorney Jon Budelmann said that Gervais resisted arrest initially by not exiting the home. Police then pulled their car away, suspecting that Gervais would exit the home to harass neighbors again, with an officer waiting outside to take him into custody when he exited.

That happened, and when an officer made contact with him on a staircase, Gervais tried to push her down the stairs. At the top of the stairs, Gervais began punching her in the face. Budelmann said the officer had bruises and a concussion that kept her from work for about two months following the incident.

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